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Tourmaline - The Electric Stone

Black Tourmaline

Tourmaline is a semi-precious gemstone that is believed to be beneficial to the wearer’s health.

Tourmaline has a slight but naturally-occurring electrical current running through it. This current takes the moisture that is present all around us and charges it with negative ions as well as producing far infrared radiation. All of this occurs naturally without any additional chemicals or processes having to be applied to the mineral. This natural source of energy, far-infrared light, and negative ions is believed to have many beneficial effects on the wearer’s health.

Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors including black, transparent, red, pink, purple, green, yellow, blue, brown, or amber. Tourmaline is a translucent stone (just like diamonds), and, in fact, tourmaline was initially used as a diamond substitute when it was first discovered. Because of the rich colors and diamond-like appearance, tourmaline was a favorite of many historical rulers such as the last Empress of China and Catherine the Great.

Black tourmaline is thought to radiate the highest amount of natural healing energy of all the varieties. This unique property has led to its widespread use by holistic healers around the world. Our Harmony Balance Bracelets contain the best black tourmaline available today. Click here to learn more about the healing power of black tourmaline.

All Natural Tourmaline Benefits

Improves Alkalinity - Tourmaline can increase the alkalinity of water as well as bodily fluids if the stone is worn directly against the skin. Boosting alkalinity can help improve health, and by using tourmaline in the fish tank, pets are given an environment in which they can thrive.

Improves Quality of Water - Tourmaline is believed to have an effect on chlorine, a component of drinking water. Tourmaline removes the unpleasant smell from chlorinated water, making it not only smell better but taste better as well.

Natural Anti-bacterial Properties - Tourmaline works as an antibacterial agent. By placing a tourmaline stone into the refrigerator, the user gets a long-lasting deodorizer. Tourmaline not only removes smells, it also prevents other minerals from absorbing foul smells in the first place.

Protects Against Harmful Electromagnetic Field Radiation - The weak current that naturally runs through every tourmaline has the effect of neutralizing nearby electromagnetic fields. These fields are believed by some people to be harmful to the long-term health of people who are exposed to them on a daily basis.

Blood and Cellular Health - Tourmaline can be worn directly on the body in rings, bracelets, anklets, or necklaces. The tourmaline will boost the health of your cells and recharge your immune system. Tourmaline is also believed to help the health of your blood by preventing cholesterol coagulation and improving the strength of blood vessels. Tourmaline is also believed to help calm nerves and provide a peaceful night’s sleep.

Cleaner Dishes - Tourmaline acts as a surfactant. This boosts the ability of tap water to be used as a cleanser.

Muscle Pain and Stiffness Relief - The light electric current and far infrared rays emitted by our Harmony Balance Bands can help to relieve common muscular problems such as a stiff neck or sore back. Tourmaline also helps improve circulation and the negative ions created by the tourmaline are believed that have many different healing properties.

The nearly countless benefits of black tourmaline demonstrate that it is truly a remarkable little mineral, and best of all it is 100% natural.

The Electric Stone

Tourmaline is known internationally as the “Electric Stone”. This is because of the fact that the stone possesses a weak electric current even when no outside source of electricity is being applied to it. The strange electric and magnetic aspects of the stone have intrigued scientists for centuries, including Benjamin Franklin who was known to possess at least one tourmaline stone which he used in experiments.

Tourmaline has been shown to generate electricity both when heated (pyroelectricity) as well as when pressure is applied to it (piezoelectricity). Both of these properties were discovered and cataloged by the famed husband and wife team of Pierre and Marie Curie in 1880. Further research on tourmaline continued in Japan where researched conclusively confirmed that tourmaline carries a 0.06mA charge even at rest. What was intriguing was that no matter what the researchers did to the stone it continued to exhibit this faint charge, even after being crushed or pulverized.

Power from the Sun

Tourmaline draws its energy from the constant stream of energy that flows onto the planet from the sun. This river of electrons enters the tourmaline on the positive side and exit on the negative side, just like an all natural battery. Unlike other batteries, the power in tourmaline will last for as long as the stone exists.

Tourmaline Mysteries

Ever since its discovery in 1703 in Sri Lanka, tourmaline has exhibited mysterious powers and brought health benefits to those around it. First believed just to be an attractive gemstone, tourmaline quickly became a source of wonder. It was discovered that once warmed up in direct sunlight, tourmaline exhibited magnetic properties and would either repulse or attract small objects.

In addition, tourmaline was shown to have immediate health benefits for those mining it. The Brazilian workers who were tasked with unearthing the stones experienced far fewer bronchial ailments than miners in general.

Black Tourmaline - The Healing Stone

All over the world holistic healers are using black tourmaline to purify blood, calm nerves, boost immune systems, and much, much more. The healing powers of black tourmaline are rooted in the fact that the natural mineral is tied to the root chakra. The all-natural electric current and electromagnetic repulsion properties of tourmaline both enhance your health and ward off the effects of both mechanical and spiritual negative energy as well as harmful radiation. With the sheer amount of negative energy flowing around the world today, one would be hard pressed to find a more effective and convenient form of protection other than the black tourmaline.

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